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Young Entrepreneur Competition Details

I have this week called on young people in business and thinking about entering business to enter the Local Enterprise Office co-ordinated competition in a search for Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur. The final entry date for the competition is Friday August 31st.

  Entrants to the competition must be aged between 18 and 30 and have an innovative business idea. “The categories are very broad, and the competition caters for young entrepreneurs who; have innovative business ideas but are not yet trading, who are trading up to 24 months and who are trading longer than 24 months and have identified a new direction they can bring their business.”

  Each Local Enterprise Office has a prize fund of 50,000 which will be divided among the successful entrants in each of the three categories. There is also a fund of 100,00 for those who are successful at a national level in the competition.
“This is a brilliant opportunity for young people with an interest in business and entrepreneurship to have their idea’s validated, improved and also to meet other people at similar stages in their business careers and develop a network. I would strongly encourage anyone that is eligible to enter,” said Michael, continuing to say “The fear of rejection can sometimes stop people bringing their ideas forward but at some point in business idea’s must be validated by the public, and the LEO are a great organisation through which to do such.”
“I’m available and people can contact my office or myself if they require any assistance in getting started in business. If anyone has any questions or requires any help with the filling out of forms and so on all they need to do is get in touch. The only way we will bring jobs back to Roscommon and the region is by getting new businesses open and giving them every bit of help we can.”
Further information on Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur can be got at, your Local Enterprise Office or from my constituency office at Castleview Terrace, Roscommon Town.