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My Campaign


  1. Employment in the west of Ireland.
  2. Family Farms: we need fair prices, justice and equality. We need to break monopolies of factories & large retailers.
  3. More IDA investment & help fro S.M.Es.
  4. Health Services – I will fight for a better & fairer Health Service for all. The closure of Roscommon A&E & Mental Health services in
    Ballinasloe needs to be reversed. Staff shortages in all hospitals needs to be addressed urgently.
  5. Local businesses in our towns and villages need improved infrastructure, access to Broadband and assistance in creating new
    Employment opportunities and more investment in infrastructure.
  6. A high quality water supply and proper sewage systems for our towns and villages to allow for sustainable economic development.
    Problems in Roscommon/Leitrim need to be addressed.
  7. Rainwater harvesting incentives to reduce the overall cost of supply.
  8. The right of people to cut their own turf, for their own use.
  9. To enable communities to maintain the viability of their local schools.
  10. To enable communities to maintain the viability of their local schools.
  11. The development of our tourism potential as a means of creating employment.
  12. The return of our emigrant children to decent jobs in their own localities.
  13. The protection of our most vulnerable people, our elderly, our people with disabilities, our unemployed and those living in isolation.
  14. The retention of services in our local areas – We need to HALT the shutdown of local services – we need our Local Schools, our Garda Stations, our local Post-offices and our local Businesses.
  15. The retention of a sustainable population in our rural areas which in turn will support our local towns – we need proactive policies at local and national level to ensure people can continue to live in the countryside.
  16. Support for Tax Reliefs on child care fees.
  17. The halting of pylons/fracking against the will of the people.
  18. The introduction of proper setback distances for wind turbines.