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Community Work

Water Supply & Harvesting


Firstly, urgent attention is required in Roscommon/ South Leitrim to sort out water quality. Nobody should have to pay for bad quality water. Water service can be delivered to customer at a fraction of what is being recommended at present.

I have worked on several large water and sewage schemes and have direct experience of what is required to make a scheme successful. Everybody has a Right to good quality Drinking water and all of our towns should have adequate sewage treatment facilities. The government should incentivise the installation of rainwater harvesting systems, the benefits of which include:

  1. Increased local employment throughout the country.
  2. Reduce the use of treated water.
  3. Increased Self-sufficiency.
  4. Septic tanks and Sewage systems work more efficiently.
  5. Reduction in flooding.
  6. Reduced cost of electricity and maintenance at pumping stations and treatment plants.


Sport & Community Projects


All my life I have been involved in the GAA and I have the utmost respect for the trojan work being done by so many people who give of their time voluntarily year after year to keep the tradition of our Gaelic games alive in every corner of the country.

Of course, I also support Soccer, Rugby and Hurling and any games that help social interaction among our young people.

I am always happy to support community projects through practical assistance or sponsorship.