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Wind Power Case Should Be Studied By Councillors

With regard to wind power and in light of the Campbell v the state case, the result of which was announced on the 21st June, I think it would be very worthwhile for councillors in every county to look closely at the details of that case. As we know the present Minister has openly stated that he is in favour of a 1 kilometer setback distance for wind turbines. From what I understand reading this case there seems to be no proper regulations or guidelines from central Government on this matter and councils are now in a position where they could apply their own set back distances”
“I am sure that the Government can agree to a set back distance of 1 kilometer from private houses and this landmark decision in the High Court should help communities who a are opposing wind turbine developments throughout the country.This case is well worth a read for councillors who will now have the power to legislate in their own different municipal and council areas the way things stand.