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Waste Of Public Money Continues

By October 4, 2016No Comments

The latest report from the Comptroller and Auditor General shows once again that public money is being wasted across many departments. The news that the Public Services Card is to cost 60 Million Euro instead of the budgeted 30 million is a case in point. The Government jet was sold for a price 350,000 Euro less than it was worth. There are several more examples of public money being wasted and yet there is little or nothing done about it. The Ministers responsible should come in to the Dail and explain what happened in each case.

The money wasted in all these cases could be far better spent on housing or flood relief or many other areas where additional funding is badly needed. People who work in the various department and who are responsible for finances will have to be made far more responsible for the funds that are under their control. The people involved have to remember that it is public money they are wasting and more checks will be needed to reduce these huge figures appearing in this report on an annual basis.