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Waiting Lists Continue To Increase

The latest figures which show an increase in the numbers of people on waiting lists for various procedures and to see a consultant throughout the country is another reminder of the size of the task facing any new administration in dealing with the the health service.
The huge problems that we have across a number of areas in our health service have got to be tackled once and for all. Despite all the press conferences and photo calls people are still waiting far too long for routine operations, the situation at our overcrowded A and E units continues and the shortage of consultants are immediate problems that must be tackled. It is also very disappointing to note that the situation with regard to waiting lists at University Hospital Galway continues to deteriorate.
When you add in the problems caused by cuts to home care packages and to those with special needs any new administration has a major job on it’s hands with regard to the health service. In addition the situation with regard to mental health services particularly in this region has got be be addressed immediately. Just because there is uncertainty about the formation of a Government doesn’t mean that the problems have gone away and there is much work to be done with regard to the health service in general and it will be one of my main priorities over the next few weeks and months.