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Waiting List Figures Gone Beyond A Joke Now

By October 2, 2015No Comments

The latest waiting list figures this week which show that there are over 2,900 people who are waiting for over a year for MRI scans at University Hospital Galway and at Merlin Park is another scandal affecting our health service. In fact some people are waiting as long as two years for a scan which is incredible. It is stressful enough for people to be worried about a possible illness but to have to wait over a year to have this vital scan done is outrageous. Why can’t the HSE purchase another MRI scanning machine and staff it to alleviate this waiting list? We seem to be lurching from one disaster to another in the health service. It might not suit Minister Varadkar others that I am constantly highlighting the huge problems that exist in the health service but I intend to keep hammering away at these matters until they are addressed properly by the Minister and the HSE.