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Ulster Bank Actions On Loans Sold ‘Indefensible’

By May 26, 2016June 8th, 2016No Comments

I am very disappointed and annoyed to learn today that Ulster Bank have sold off 900 loans which relate to houses, land and SME’s at massively discounted rates. This was done without any consultation with the people who have taken out these loans and that is indefensible conduct.The new Government will have to do what they can to stop this carry on by the banks. A major bank have once again given the two fingers to the Irish people. This bank wants to get out of Ireland and they have sold these loans at the minimum cost but you can be certain that the new owners of these loans will want repayment in full. No consideration yet all was given to the people who owe these loans to the bank. I am calling on the Government to pass emergency legislation to prevent this behaviour by Ulster Bank and to prevent other banks acting that this in the future.