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Tyre Disposal Can Be Handled Differently To Cut Costs

By October 5, 2016No Comments

EU and Irish legislation on the disposal of tyres is causing major problems around the country for many people. At the moment the price of new tyres is affected by the disposal costs and for people like the haulage industry and contractors this is a major cost for them, not to mention ordinary motorists.

There is a simple solution to this problem that is used in many other European countries where tyres are shredded and mixed with asphalt, which is used in road building. In fact it has been proven that it improves the road surface to include this material.

Successive Ministers have been tinkering around with this problem without doing anything about it. I have asked our own Minister to meet a deputation on this but to date I haven’t even got a reply. It is now time that we face up to this problem and dealt with it in a sensible way that makes sense for everyone concerned.