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Two Tier Economy Continues

By February 26, 2016No Comments

The biggest challenge facing the new Government is to ensure that any economic recovery is felt all over the country and not just in a some places like a few of the major cities and towns.
We have heard lots of talk about an economic recovery during this election campaign but it’s just an illusion for the vast majority of people and small businesses in rural Ireland, The new administration will have to pay far more attention to the problems facing people in rural areas. Instead of paying lip service to rural Ireland with bland statements every so often a full cabinet Minister with responsibility for rural affairs must be appointed to address the many real problems that exist. Such an appointment would be a signal to people that the Government is taking them seriously and until that happens no real progress will be made. People in rural areas paid just as high a price in the economic crash as everyone else. They should be allowed to participate in any recovery too.