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TV Debate Shows Political Reform Is Essential

By February 26, 2016No Comments

Last nights’ leaders debate on TV demonstrated once again, if any more evidence was needed that we have to completely reform the way we do politics in this country.
What we saw in the debate was the failure of any of the leaders to answer the questions they were asked. This has also been my experience since I have been in Dail Eireann at Leaders Questions and in other debates. It is deeply frustrating and it has to change under any new administration. However even worse last night was the evidence of extreme cronyism highlighted on the programme on all sides. The three parties Labour, Fianna Fail and Fine Gael who have been in Government for the past number of decades have all been guilty of blatant cronyism and it is no wonder that many people despair about politics because nothing seems to have changed at all over the years. We were promised a democratic revolution by the Government when they took office in 2011 but nothing has changed at all. If there is not serious political reform over the term of the next Government the system will fall into further disrepute. Politicians and Ministers have to become more accountable and this is an issue that I will be pursuing if I am elected on Friday.