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Turf Cutting Issue Still To Be Resolved

The arrival of the good weather signals another turf-cutting season is upon us and once again it is regrettable to report that there has been no solution to the overall turf-cutting situation. At the moment there are two cases in the courts. We are expecting a judgement in one shortly and the other by the end of April. The TCCA have also attended several meetings with the Parks and Wildlife Services on this issue over recent months.

People will have to take decisive action to resolve this debacle for once and for all. Turf cutters will shortly be exercising their rights to cut turf on all bogs and I can assure everyone that the TCCA and myself will be doing everything possible to find a resolution to this problem. Actions speak louder than words, and I am calling on the Minster to step up to the plate on this issue particularly in our dealings with the people in Europe. It will not be a simple matter to resolve but with good will on all sides a resolution can be found in time.