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Too Many Broken Promises On Health Service

By November 27, 2015No Comments

Now that the Government has back tracked on their promise of Universal Health Insurance for all it is time once and for all to make sweeping changes in our health service to address the many problems that exist. The key is front like staff. The HSE must recruit more nurses and doctors and the amount of red tape and administration must be cut. The emphasis on the performance of individual hospitals seems to be at the top of the agenda for bodies like Saolta, wheras patient care is taking a back seat. We need less people with clip boards and more people on the front line to ease the pressure on the staff who are there at present. Once again I am calling on Minister Varadkar to initiate a root and branch examination of our health service that puts patient care at the top of the list. The HSE has proven to be a failure when it comes to running our health service and a review of that organisation is well past time. The Government have broken many promises in the area of health and now, in it’s last days I am appealing to them to draw up realistic plans for the future in co-operation with all the stake holders. That work must start immediately regardless of the political situation.