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Time For Minister Creed To Step On Glas Delays

Farmers are totally frustrated and angry at the continued delays in the payments under the Glas scheme and Minister Michael Creed has fallen down badly in his responsibility in this regard and I am today calling on the Minister to take responsibility for this situation and tell farners when these payments are going to be made.

Minister Creed has completly taken his eye off the ball in this situation and thousands of farners are still without payment which is not good enough. I hear Fianna Fail politicians complaining about this situation but my reaction to that is to tell them that if they are so angry about it then why not vote against the Government? Remember that the payments under this scheme are owed since December and it is simply not on that these long delays are being experienced by farmers. It’s time for Minister Creed to step up to the plate on this one and tell farners when the payments that they are owed will be made.