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Third Level Institutions Can Help Solve Housing Crisis

By December 7, 2016No Comments

On the very important issue of the housing crisis that we are experiencing at the moment the third level institutions must become more pro-active, and they can help to solve the problem as it exists at the moment.

I have raised this matter at least three times in the past year and third level institutions must become more pro-active as they can construct and provide student accommodatuon on their own campus. I am sure that the colleges would be able to borrow at attractive rates to fund this constrauction and the money would be repaid quickly from student rents.Jobs would also be provided n construction. It woudl ease the accommodation situation in many of our major cities and would free up houses and apartments for families and others who are struggling to find homes at the moment. This is not the only solution to the housing crisis but it would certaoinly be a help. I am calling n the Minister for Education and the Third Level Institutions to consider this option seriously once again