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Taoiseach Should Apppoint Josephine Fehily to Top Justice Job Immediately

By November 23, 2017No Comments
 Taoiseach Leo Varadkar should move to immediately appoint Josephine Fehilly, the current boss of the Policing Authority, as Secretary General of the Department of Justice.
How Deputy Varadkar responds to the challenge posed by the state of chaos in the Department of Justice will define his fate as Taoiseach. He has to make big bold and brave decisions.
  We cannot have a vacant chair at the top table in Justice as well as the Gardai for months and years.  Josephine Fehilly commands the confidence of the public. She is not part of the confederacy of incompetency that has collapsed public confidence in Justice. It would be a challenge for her but she would be doing  her country a big service if she were to accept this important position.
   Leaving Ms Fehilly in charge of the Policing Authority is like sending the fire brigade to a burning haybarn when the explosives factory beside it is alight. We need solutions as well as resignations. Josephine Fehilly should be given the job and given whatever tools and resources are required to do that job.
   The Taoiseach should stop dawdling and start doing. His current inaction reminds me of the old saying about fiddling while Rome burns. But if he is not very careful he may find it is his own seat that will be on fire.