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Press Releases

Summer Works Scheme Funding Welcomed

I have today welcomed the fact that 446 Primary schools and 113 Post-Primary schools are set to benefit from the funding under the Summer Works scheme announced recently.

“Every Euro spent on our schools is a Euro well spent “However, I am worried because I understand that there were over 1600 applications for assistance under the last round of applications under the Summer Works Scheme and many of these will not receive funding. The scale of applications is proof that Boards of Management around the country are under pressure on a continual basis as they strive to maintain their schools and equip them so they can offer the best possible opportunity to our young people”
“One Board said to me ‘The Summer Works Scheme is a question of now you see it now you don’t’ and schools need to be able to plan for the future and in order to do this we need to be able to have continuity but we cannot be expected to plan for the future if we don’t know where the goalposts are”
“The Summer Works Scheme” should be available on an annual basis so that Boards of Management can provide the best possible opportunities for their pupils as they want to do”