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Social Housing Problem Needs to Be Tackled

The situation with regard to the social housing crisis in this country took a new turn yesterday when a statement on the way the funding for the plan, which was announced earlier this year would be spent, was taken down from the Department of the Enviornment website after three hours. Apparently the Minister Alan Kelly wants to earmark specific projects in each county and local authority area rather then letting the relevant authority decide where the money will be spent. This smacks of the government trying to buy votes ahead of the election rather than a genuine attempt to address what is a serious problem nationwide. A total of 4.4 million Euro was announced for County Leitrim under this scheme 2015 to 2017 while the allocation for County Roscommon is 5.5 million Euro. That funding is very welcome however the reality is that it will be at least eight or nine months before any house will even begin construction by the time the tendering and planning process is satisfied. Instead of posturing and trying to buy votes, the Government should address this major problem in a realistic and proper way. It is a matter of the utmost urgency.