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Situation at UHG Chaotic And Must Be Addressed

By September 9, 2016No Comments

After positive news at Roscommon University Hospital on Wednesday we hear today of the chaotic situation that exists at University Hospital in Galway as elective surgery is being cancelled and people are being told not to attend the A and E unit except in cases of extreme emergency. Since the closure of the A and E unit at Roscommon County Hospital the situation in Galway has become increasingly more overcrowded and now the situation has reached breaking point.

It has been pointed out time after time that a new A and E unit is needed in at UHG and the Taoiseach himself labelled the existing unit as not fit for purpose. A new A and E unit must now be fast tracked through the planning process and I am calling on Minister Harris to facilitate this immediately. This new unit will have to be properly staffed and given the resources to give the public the service that they deserve.

It was also revealed today that waiting lists are up again and that 531,000 people are now waiting on some kind of proceedure or appointment. It is a disgraceful situation that simply cannot be allowed to go on. Minister Harris will have to step up to the plate and deal with these critical issues immediately. Photo opportunities and making announcements at press conferences might look good politically but what we want is concrete measures and action to be taken now and not in three or five years time