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Situation At Roscommon Railway Station Affecting Tourism

Six weeks ago I raised the matter of the lack of staff at Roscommon Railway Station on certain days and difficulties in operating a new automatic ticket machine and I received a huge public response on the issue. This week I have been contacted by the Cuisle Holiday Centre in Donamon who tell me that the lack of staff at the station and the new automated machine are causing major problems for passengers and for tourists alike. Many of the guests who attend the Cuisle Holiday Centre travel independently by train and require the use of the ramp to alight from the train. The new arrangements at Roscommon Station has major implications for Cuisle Holiday Centre and all the people with physical and sensory disabilities who use the services and facilities, not to mention other tourists and elderly people who are not able to use the new machine, or who might want assistance from a member of staff. I will be raising this matter with Iranrod Eireann again this week as a matter of urgency.