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Serious Concern At Proposed EU Beef Deal

There is huge concern among farmers at the prospect of a deal between the EU and the Mercosur Countries from South America on imports of beef. Minister Coveney has to intervene on this issue and Irish MEP’s must vote against any such deal this week.
If this deal goes ahead it will have huge detrimental effects on the Irish beef industry.Irish farmers are subject to a lot of rules and regulations with regard to raising cattle such as tagging etc and now the EU seem to be giving them the two fingers and allowing beef to come in that has not been subject to the same rules and regulations. Do the EU want to drive agriculture out of this country?
I have contacted our MEP’s to ensure that if a vote on this deal comes up in the next week that they all vote against it. However from research that I have done on this matter it is unelected civil servants and bureaucrats that are deciding the future of the beef industry in Europe and if this happens it will be a disaster. We will also be putting pressure on Minister Coveney on this matter but at the end of the day it is the EU negotiators that need to be reined in and told to ensure that this deal does not happen. It is encouraging that France and others are objecting to this deal and hopefully they hold more clout and will stand firm against this becoming a reality.