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Sensible Regulation Key To Building Standards

We certainly need some regulation in the area of building standards in the wake of the tragedy in London and other high profile incidents here in this country, but we must be careful not to over regulate which would be a disincentive to building at a time when we need housing developments in this country.

I have no problem with a certain amount of regulation which is always needed and there are measures that can be taken in buildings like apartment blocks to ensure that fire cannot spread from one apartment to another. But we must also ensure that there is not over regulation as it would stop some people going into building development and particularly housing development which is so badly needed in this country right now, not to mention the employment possibilities. The cost of housing is high enough as it stands without adding to it with more regulation.

We also need more quarries around the country to be opened to facilitate an increase in building activity. Heretofore there has been a monopoly in the quarry business in this country and we must look at that situation around the country and facilitate small quarries where appropriate. With regard to once off houses, we must also be careful not to over regulate in that area either as it is my experience that people who build one off houses in the country do it to the highest specifications possible.