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Seek help if you are in mortgage distress-this weeks’ Late Debate programme

On this weeks’ Late Debate programme I appealed to people who are in mortgage distress to seek help. Where there is a family home involved people should not be thrown out on the street.

“A problem shared is a problem halved. It’s an old cliché but it is very true with regard to people who are struggling with mortgage arrears. I would urge all those people to seek assistance because there is help out there. Unfortunately the mortgage arrears crisis is getting worse and it is a huge problem. There have been suicides and marriage break ups as a result of this situation and we as public representatives will have to help to find a solution to what is going on”

“Where there is an ordinary family home involved, especially where there are children, the last resort should be to throw people out on the street. We have seen loans being sold on for 30 and 50% so there has to be a solution out there. But the most important thing is that people seek help if they are in difficulty”