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Scaremongering Over Size Of Lead Pipe Replacement Bills Irresponsible

Some of the headlines in connection with the lead water pipes controversy which claimed that householders would have to pay 5,000 Euro to replace the lead pipes are inaccurate and have been causing many people unnecessary worry over the past week since the controversy was made public. In the vast majority of cases it will cost only a fraction of that figure to replace lead pipes and it is only in very isolated cases where the cost might run to thousands of Euro. I have been talking to several officials in Irish Water about this problem and they agree with me that the figures quoted in the media were wildly inaccurate. The officials and politicians who put these figures into the public domain have done a dis-service to the public and are causing people who are already cash strapped to worry about another potential bill that may not be nearly as severe as was being stated. People should be more responsible in this regard.