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Safety and Security in the Community

By November 27, 2014No Comments

Safety and Security in our Communities.
Since Michael Fitzmaurice began his canvass in the recent elections he says that one lesson has really hit home with him. As he travelled the highways and byways of north east Galway to canvass support he notes that there is a very noticeable increase in the number of houses that are occupied by older people.
Michael says “I have noticed that in many of these households there is an element of fear and insecurity among our elderly residents. The lack of young active people and the closure of Garda stations around the county has led, in many cases, to people feeling more isolated”
“How our older people are looked after is a good test for any society. These are people who have done their bit for their country, they have worked hard, they have raised families – they have served their country well and now it is our turn to make sure they are protected”
“In the absence of local Garda stations it is important that communities begin to look outside the box and try and find new ways to work in the partnership with the Gardaí. I believe we all need to work together with Galway County Council and with all the funding agencies to make our rural areas more safe for all our residents.”Michael Fitzmaurice-- Head and Shoulders--800PX--MW