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Rural Affairs Minister Proposal Adopted By FF

By February 4, 2016No Comments

I am glad to see today that Fianna Fail has adopted my proposal that a full cabinet Minister be appointed for Rural Affairs in the next Government. I have consistently said that while the economy is recovering, there are little signs of recovery in small towns and villages in Rural Ireland. There have been too many bland statements about how great things are all over the country when the reality is that young people continue to leave rural communities in droves and businesses are still closing down and struggling in small villages and towns. Not alone have we to come up with a proper viable plan to re-invigorate small rural Communities but we actually have to skew the growth in the economy away from Dublin and the East Coast, and that will be the task of the new Minister for Rural Affairs. Finally it appears that other parties and politicians are realising that what I have been saying all along makes sense for Rural Ireland.