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Press Releases

Roscommon Town Ambulance Service Loses Out Again

The news that the Roscommon town area will lose one third of it’s ambulance service from June the 15th when the Loughglynn ambulance base opens is a very serious development will result in a dilution of the ambulance service available to many people in the county. One of the ambulances currently located in Roscommon will now be based in Loughglynn to cover the West Roscommon area. Everyone welcomes the news that an ambulance base is being provided to cover the West Roscommon area, but not at a cost to the service in the rest of the county. We were told when the A and E unit at Roscommon Co Hospital closed that there would be an enhanced ambulance service in the county, instead his latest development will mean that there will be no ambulance service in large parts of County Roscommon at certain times. It is another broken promise on health services made to the people of County Roscommon by this Government. What we need is a full 24/7 ambulance service operating from Loughglynn for the West of the county IN ADDITION TO, rather than instead of, the service that we currently have based in Roscommon Town. I will be raising this matter with Minister Varadkar at the earliest possible opportunity.