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Roscommon South Leitrim Voters Are Entitled To Vote Whatever Way They Want

The decision of the people of Roscommon South Leitrim to vote No in the same sex marriage referendum was their democratic right, and no amount of sneering on social media or critisism from the Dublin based media will change that fact. In the final few weeks of the campaign people on the No side, or those who might have been undecided and had questions to ask, were afraid to do so such was the avalanche of support for the Yes campaign in the Dublin led media and all the main political parties. The buzz word now in Ireland is equality. I don’t see much equality for the people of Roscommon South Leitrim in terms of mental health services and health services in general for instance. The total lack of job creation has meant that the majority of our young people have moved away and it is time for people to get things into perspective and get our priorities right. The Dublin led establishment might not be happy with the people of Roscommon South Leitrim but it is time that they were treated equally in many other aspects of everyday life. People do not like being sneered at or talked down to. They have just as much right to express their opinion as any other citizens in the country. In Donegal there was 30 votes between the sides and in other counties the vote was very close. It is my belief that on matters of conscience politicians should not be forcing their opinions on anyone and let each individual make up their own mind.