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Roscommon Says NO

By January 28, 2016No Comments

The news today that up to 30,000 submissions have been lodged with Westmeath County Council on the plans to take part of South County Roscommon and put it into Westmeath is an indication of the level of anger and depth of feeling that there is in County Roscommon at this outlandish proposal. There is now only one avenue open to Minister Alan Kelly and the Government and that is to announce that they are withdrawing the proposal.

In all the years of dealing with various issues I have never witnessed such a strength of feeling as the people of Roscommon have been expressing on this issue. If Minister Alan Kelly has any sense he will issue a statement to say that this proposal is being scrapped and let us get on with other issues. The people of Roscommon have spoken out clearly and if Minister Kelly does not listen to this massive vote by Roscommon people throughout the county then the Taoiseach should step in and announce that this proposal is being scrapped. We have a General Election campaign on the way and if this proposal is not withdrawn it will be one of the major issues that will be debated. Let’s hope the Government see sense and do the decent thing and leave County Roscommon the way it is.