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Response To Problems In The Mental Health Services Locally A Disgrace

With regard to the ongoing controversy in the mental health service in the Roscommon/Galway area, there are so many problems, that as a public representative, I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the inaction of the powers that be in this sector. I have met many people who want to go into hospital and be treated but they have been refused. These people want to help themselves yet they are being ignored. There is huge frustration out there with mental health services in general.

It is also a disgrace that the HSE and the other authorities have promised that they would meet public representatives to discuss issues like The Rosalie Unit in Castlerea and other problems but they are stonewalling us and it is simply not good enough. It would seem that the authorities who are running the mental health services in this area, have no respect for the people who are ill or indeed for the public representatives that are speaking on their behalf. What are they afraid of? I can assure them that I will be speaking out on these important matters until the problems are addressed in a satisfactory way. This is no way to treat vulnerable people. If the attitude of those who run our mental health services in this area does not change I will be calling on Minister Varadkar to appoint others who might do the job in a more efficient and respectful manner.