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Red Tape And Form Filling On Van Registration and Taxation Ridiculous

By August 17, 2017No Comments
 The amount of red tape and form filling that is associated with registering and taxing a van is totally unwarranted and is causing anger in many sectors including farming and small business.
 A number of forms and declarations must be filled in and signed by anyone who is taxing a van to prove that they are in business and are self employed and that is ok once, but if a person changes that van in three or four months time they have to go through the whole process again which is absolutely ridiculous and a total waste of the time of staff at county council offices and the Gardai as well who have to sign one of the forms. It is this kind of needless red tape that frustrates people and surely there is an easier way of doing this without red tape that is a complete waste of time and makes no sense at all. In this day and age we should be making things easier on people and not harder.