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Reality Check Needed On All Sides In LUAS Dispute

With regard to the ongoing LUAS dispute, the drivers and the unions will have to seriously consider their position and come to an agreement with the company. It is not helpful if either side does anything to escalate the situation, but it will have to be settled soon if the company is not to be put in position where it is not viable.
I understand that the workers are signed up to contracts that do not suit them, but drivers on the LUAS system are paid 32,000 Euro starting salary after six weeks training which is a lot more than Gardai, teachers, junior doctors and nurses get when they are starting off, and they have spent up to four years in college or training. After 10 years these drivers can earn well over 40,000 Euro which is a very decent wage in this day and age. The very high increase in wages that the drivers are seeking will have to be paid for some way or other and increased fares is probably the only option. Remember too that the company who runs the LUAS also receives a generous subsidy out of the public purse that covers a large proportion of the cost of each journey made. Every set of workers are entitled to make representations about their working conditions, but they have to be responsible and realistic too. If this dispute continues then I would also question the need for additional LUAS lines that are being constructed and planned at the moment.