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Rates Relief Should Be Given To Flood Damaged Businesses

By January 7, 2016No Comments

Small businesses that were damaged as a result of the recent flooding should be relieved of their council rate bill in 2016. I have visited a number of businesses in the local area which have been badly affected by flooding and in some cases the business owners had no insurance to recover lost stock and to pay for damage to buildings and contents. It is also a time of year when most businesses will be expecting to do well and in many cases businesses were carrying a high volume of stock for the Christmas season which was damaged by the flooding. I am today writing to Minister Alan Kelly to seek rates relief for affected businesses in 2016 and hopefully he will agree to that request. It would help businesses get back on their feet after the flooding and would be a boost as they plan for 2016. We have to be practical in the way we help small business people and this is one way that would do that,