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Questions Raised By Eirgrid Report

In reference to the latest report from Eirgrid with regard to the three underground and over ground options for the Grid West Project it is my firm view that if people do not want eyesores or have fears about these cables on health grounds that they should be put underground even if that is the most expensive option. We are subsidising investors in wind projects which I believe is not economically viable and which is the cause of these new lines going up. In Northern Ireland if they upgraded their generators they would not need the north-south line. I have in the past questioned the need for extra electricity capacity at all. In research that I have done it is my understanding we have nearly twice the amount available to us that we need and projected that with efficiency we will be actually using less by 2025 so I have question marks over the project in the first place. Further public consultation will now take place and I will be making my views known along with others as the process continues.