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Problems In Health Service Worsening

Just because the election is over and there is uncertainty about the formation of a new Government doesn’t mean that any of the serious problems in our health service have gone away and the news that there are over 500 people on hospital trolleys again every day this week is an indication that not much has changed despite all the promises.
We have had more announcements on this issue than anything else in recent years yet the situation has not improved, if anything it has got worse. This situation will have to be sorted out by the new Government once and for all. It will take the entire Government to rectify this ongoing mess and not just the Minister for Health. The nurses and staff at A and E units around the country at once again at their wits end with the situation. We had threatened strike last year and an agreement was reached to alleviate the log jam but it has not been implemented and we are now back to square one which is a disgrace. This issue will have to be number one priority for any incoming Government. This has to be solved once and for all.