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Primary medical certificate assessments need to be accommodated – Fitzmaurice

Assessments for a Primary Medical Certificate need to be accommodated for people waiting to apply for the Disabled Drivers and Disabled Passengers (Tax Concessions) scheme, Independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice has claimed.

In June of last year, the assessment process was suspended on foot of a decision in the Supreme Court. However, following the approval of the Finance Act 2020, the Minister for Health instructed the CEO of the HSE that assessments could recommence from January 1st of this year.

Speaking on the matter, Fitzmaurice said: “Many applicants are still waiting to apply to the scheme since the middle of last year. While Minister Donnelly notes that Community Medical Doctors are focusing on the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccination at the moment, we must be able to put alternative measures in place so that applications can progress.

“As it stands, we are already into the third month of the year and applicants to the scheme would have hoped at this stage that they would have been able to avail of the benefits of the scheme.

“Despite the rollout of the vaccine being of great importance, we cannot allow a person with a disability to suffer on without access to adequate transport indefinitely.

“Alternative measures must be put in place to allow for a short consultation to occur so a person’s application to the scheme can progress. And later in the year, once restrictions have relaxed, we can return to the regular assessment process,” Fitzmaurice concluded.

For further information contact Michael Fitzmaurice at 086-1914565