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Plenty Of Choices Available For Leaving Cert Students

By August 15, 2017No Comments

Young people who will get their Leaving Certificate results this week should remember that there are many choices available and that all options should be kept open as they choose their career path.
Thousands of young people in this region and all over the country and will be receiving their Leaving Certificate results tomorrow and I wish them all the best of luck. There are are a couple of things to remember. Firstly is a great achievement to have got this far and to have done the Leaving and secondly, while many will go on to attend third level education, there are many many choices for those who may not want to attend third level. In some cases students attend third level only to find that the course does not suit them and they drop out to pursue another career. There are so many options now in terms of apprenticeships and other courses that can lead to very successful careers. I would advise young people who get their exam results this week to consider every option before making their choices and there is plenty of expert advice available to help them as well.