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Planning Process For Major Investment Projects Must Be Speeded Up

By November 3, 2017No Comments

In light of the decision not to allow the appeal into the decision to grant Apple planning permission for their data centre in Athenry I hope that the company goes ahead with the development. This case once again demonstrates the need for forward planning to be made by the Government with regard to these major developments into the future.
It is time that the Government identified a number of sites nationwide including in the West of Ireland that can be earmarked for special investment projects like the Apple proposal and that the preparatory outline planning permission work be carried out to speed up the process. Then in the event of a major proposal coming forward, any objections would heard and a decision be made within a month. This would cut out the uncertainty that we have seen with regard to the Apple proposal for Athenry.
I would certainly hope that Apple will go ahead in Athenry and that the long drawn out process that we have seen will not mean that they move elsewhere. We must put a 10 year plan in place to ensure that when the planning process is needed for a major investment, it is swift, effecient and fair to everyone, Either we want to attract jobs to the coiuntry or we don’t.