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Personal Injury Awards Have Gone Out Of Hand And Must Be Curbed

The way insurance claims are calculated and awarded by the courts system must be reviewed in the wake of recent high profile cases and either there is a change in the culture or we must accept that we are going to face big increases in insurance premiums into the future on an ongoing basis.

The bill of quantum must be reviewed immediately and we have to be able to distinguish in a fair way to everyone the difference of what is the fault of the individual and what is negligence. In the past few weeks we have seen huge awards for seemingly very minor injuries and is it any wonder our insurance policies are going up in price? I don’t know where the judges in a lot of these cases are coming from, but they must think that there is a bottomless pit of money available for these awards. If this keeps happening then it would be only right just to tell people that their insurance will keep going up for the forseeable future.