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Pension Rises For Ex-Politicians A Scandal

The news over the weekend that retired politicians and others who are in receipt of pensions in excess of 100,000 Euro per year are to receive pension top ups over the next three years is a scandal and another sign of the disconnect that there is between the people at the top and the ordinary people on the street in this country. Middle Ireland has been crucified over the past seven years with all sorts of new charges and taxes and people are struggling to make ends meet and keep their bills paid yet they get up this morning and read that retired politicians and others who are already getting massive pensions already are now going to get increases. It is not good enough for Minister Howlin to say that he cannot do anything about it. It is time that the Government got a grip on this issue among many others. People get very annoyed at this kind of carry on which has been going on for many years and it is about time that changes were made to break up this golden circle. I will be opposing these increases all along the way and raising the matter in the Dail this week.