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Now Broken Equipment Holds Up Treatment Of Children

By October 25, 2016No Comments

Just when you think that things could not get any worse with regard to waiting lists and problems in the health service I have spoken to a constituent today who received a letter from the Orthodontic Department in Merlin Park to tell her that her daughter’s treatment has been cancelled dues to “a lack of dental x-ray facilities in the Radiography Department at Merlin Park Hospital”

The letter received by this lady goes on to say “We have had ongoing problems with this equipment over the past couple of years and this machine has reached the end of it’s working life and needs to be replaced” The letter ends by saying that no new patients can be catered for until this matter is resolved.

This is an outrage and a disgrace. Not alone have we unacceptable waiting lists but now we have equipment that does not work even if patients could be seen. I want senior Saolta Management to make a public statement on this matter immediately and explain what they are doing to resolve it and I will be raising it with Minister Simon Harris at the earliest opportunity. It is totally wrong that the treatment of children and adults is being cancelled because of a lack of proper equipment.