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No Coherent Government Plan To Tackle Rural Crime

While the statistics for burglaries nationwide are down, there is still a significant threat from gangs who target rural Ireland and the Government must do far more to demonstrate that they are serious about tackling this issue.

The latest reports from the Gardai suggest that gangs are now staying away from motorways and are using back roads so as to avoid attention. This news comes against a backdrop of 500 less Gardai in the Traffic Corps and over 2,000 less overall fromit’s peak membership. The statistics that only three in every ten crimes against property in some Garda areas are solved needs no explanation. The Government have shown no real commitment to tackling rural crime and protecting rural communities.

I have said so many times in the past that the rural guard on the ground and in the community is so important. These gangs rely on local knowledge to cary out their crimes and that’s where the local man on the ground would be invaluable. These crime gangs are also using social media to obtain information on houses and businesses that may be vacant for a short period of time. Minister Fitzgerald and the Government to address this issue immediately. The crime gangs are coming up with more and more ways to operate in rural areas and the Gardai must be given adequate resources in terms of personnel and equipment to combat them.