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New Regulations With Regard To Livestock Drinking From Rivers Must Be Carefully Managed

By September 11, 2017No Comments

The proposal to stop livestock from drinking in rivers, water courses and drains from 2021 must be considered carefully by the Government who should consult and work with the farming community on the matter.
Farmers need to be made aware that it is proposed from 2021 not to allow livestock to drink in rivers or what we call water holes near rivers, or indeed water courses . If this improves water quality, the farming community will work with the Government on this proposal. But if they are imposing extra regulations on farmers then the Government need to start planning on how to solve this problem smoothly”.
The Government need to bring a scheme for pumps, and works associated with this, and allow extraction from the rivers. If there is an Irish Water scheme in the area then an allowance for the cessation of river drinking needs to be put in place . This also raises the question of who owns the water in the river and who will be responsible for the maintainence of the water course or river. The Government need to plan ahead before they cause more financial problems for the farming community.
I have put questions to the Minister today on this issue and I await his answers.