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New Minister For Mental Health Service Must Publish Roscommon Report

I want to congratulate the new Ministers for State appointed yesterday and in particular the new Minister for Mental Health Services Jim Daly, and I want to wish him well, however he will have to hit the ground running as there are huge problems in the area of mental health services all over the country. Here in Roscommon we are still awaiting the publication of the Mental Health Services report. At least four deadlines for the publication of this report have passed and now we are almost into July and still there is no sign of publication.. One wonders what the authorities are afraid of or are the contents of the report so negative that they are afraid to publish it.
The facts are that in many areas of the country including county Roscommon there is a crisis in terms of access to mental health services for very vulnerable people and we need this report to be published so a proper plan can be put in place to improve those services. I am calling on the new Minister to provide a date for the publication of the report so we can all move on and act on it’s findings. It is November 2015 since a High Court judge said that mental health services in Roscommon were in crisis and nothing has changed since then. I will be raising this important matter with the new Minister at my earliest opportunity.