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Motorway Toll Increase Proposals Not On

By September 17, 2016No Comments

The EU are at it again, interfering with, the Irish tax system with the news today that they are proposing an increase in motorway tolls for every vehicle, which would represent up to a 60% increase for some road users. This must be strongly resisted by the Government and by the public and business in particular.

This proposal coming from Europe will be the last straw for hard pressed motorists, business people and the haulage industry in particular. Speaking to hauliers today they say that they simply cannot afford to absorb this huge increase and they will refuse to pay it if it become a reality. I know of a haulier that employs 35 people and who has been asked to pay a 300% increase in his motor insurance bills for the coming year. This man is now considering scaling back his operation or closing it down altogether if these new toll rates come in. His business would not be viable.
It’s another case of the EU tail wagging the Irish dog and this proposal coming from Europe is another case of unwanted interference in Irish affairs coming from Brussels. It is time we looked at our relationship with the EU in light of the many incidents of blatant interference that we have seen over the years.
Minister Ross said last week that the Transport part of his portfolio as a Minister was a doddle, well if that’s the case let us see him act now and tell the EU that he is not going to cripple the haulage industry and heap more misery on business people and private car users with this totally unfair toll increase. I will be raising the matter this week as a matter of urgency.