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More Work Needed To Aid Economic Development In The West

I have today welcomed the publication of the Economic Review of the Nevin Institute but some of the information included in this report is alarming. “The report, unfortunately, provides further evidence of the need to stimulate development across the West of Ireland. The fact that 94% of net employment growth was all centred on the eastern half of the country bears out what I have been saying for quite some time. The report clearly confirms that total full-time-equivalent employment declined in 2014 in Galway, Mayo and Roscommon.”

“The findings of this report does not come as any surprise as it is evident across our towns and villages. The concentration of development efforts in the eastern half of the country is contributing to the difficulties of western counties and shows a complete lack of emphasis on regional development”

“The Government needs to respond by making sure that the infrastructure is put in place so that the west can develop to its full potential. Cities in the West and towns throughout our rural areas are attractive in many ways and we need to highlight the quality of life and the many advantages west of the Shannon”