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More Twists And Turns In Bus Eireann Dispute

Bus Eireann sent the following text today (Wednesday) to private school bus operators.
“We would like to clarify the situation re delayed processing of payments which was referred to recently. To be clear, all payments will be made and will continue to be made. The only delay is due to the absence of a number of staff due to industrial action. This is not linked to any other matter. Payments due this week will not be in the bank this Friday but will likely be delayed until next week. Again we apologise”

Today a private operator checked with An Post and have been told that postal staff are not passing the pickets so if that is the case I would ask the question if that is the case how are Bus Eireann recieving the invoices? As I said earlier this week it is only a matter of time before the school bus transport sector is affected by this strike and talks to bring about a settlement must be started as soon as is possible. If private operators are not paid as will certainly be the case if the company cannot get the invoices, then a lot of those people will not be able to afford to continue to do their runs.