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More Problems With School Bus System

By August 30, 2016No Comments

Last week I raised the issue of problems associated with school bus transport, and this week, as the school year starts up again, the situation seems to be getting worse. I have been contacted by a number of people about problems with children who have concessionary tickets in this area. Only this morning I have been contacted about two children who have been brought to school on the bus up to now but they have been told that they will not be brought this year even though they have paid. This is a totally unacceptable situation. It has also been brought to my attention today that the situation with regard to transport for children with disabilities in certain areas is unsatisfactory and there is uncertainly about what will be available and Bus Eireann seem to be totally disorganised when it comes to providing answer to questions that I wish to raise.

I can clearly say that at the negotiations in the programme for Government that there was an undertaking that a review of school bus transport would take place and that no child would be left on the road while that review was taking place. Now we have a situation where the children are being left and the Government are going to do their review and then we will see what the outcome will be, which is not what was agreed. Once again I call on Minister Halligan to sort out this mess or if he cannot sort it out then he should stand aside and let someone else do it.