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More Needed To Solve Housing Crisis

I welcome the housing plan outlined by Minister Coveney yesterday but while there are some good elements in the plan far more will have to be done before it can be effective. The whole process of building houses, especially at Local Authority level will have to be speeded up. Between the aquisition of land, planning and construction and red tape, it could take up to two years for these houses to come on stream and that’s not acceptable.There is far too much red tape and unnecessary regulations with regard to the Department of the Enviornment and Local Authorities at the moment which is holding housing development back. If emergency legislation is required to speed up the provision of social housing then bring it before the Dail and pass it immediately.
On the issue of student accommodation, this an issue that I have been highlighting for the past two years. Minister Coveney says that he will provide an additional 7,000 student places by 2019 which is totally inadequate. My proposal is to provide the funding for colleges and third level institutions to build large student accommodation units and that money would be recouped over the years from rent paid. This would also free up a lot of rented accommodation and would reduce the upwards pressure on rent prices”
“Village renewal should also be a central plank of this srategy and we all know how many vacant houses and commercial premises that exist in every county in the country which can be refurbished for residential purposes. With regard to first time house buyers, more details should have been forthcoming as to the package that will aid people in this vital sector.