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More Green Cert Courses Needed Immediately

There is a major ongoing problem with regard to young farmers and the Green Cert Course which is required by regulation. The latest figures that I have obtained for the Roscommon/Longford Teagasc area is that 340 young farmers will have to do this course in that region. Currently there are 81 doing the course including those doing it online. It is part of the regulations that young farmers have to have at least started this course by September 2016 so clearly there is going to be a major problem as time goes on. The course can accommodate 30 per class at the moment and Teagasc will have to put more resources into conducting more courses for young farmers. Alternatively they will have to look into the possibility of liasing with the local education boards to develop extra courses or indeed to explore the possibility of these courses being done on a private basis. Young farmers are the future lifeblood of the agriculture industry and we have to ensure that they receive the training and do the courses they need so they can have a viable future in the industry. I will be following this issue up as a matter of urgency in the coming weeks.